IT BEGINS… Trayvon Supporters Leave Nasty Notes Instead Of Tips At FL Restaurants

I bet more than half of the decrepit wastes of space leaving these notes don’t really care very much about Trayvon Martin. They just want an excuse to justify being cheap and still feel good in their twisted heads despite stiffing their server of a tip.  It’s just like how most rioters just want an excuse to riot for any reason whatsoever. BECAUSE JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON, F-YEAH!!!

Fucking ridiculous

Ya waiter, its your fault Zimmerman got off, that makes sense. Cheap bastards.


Assholes will use any excuse to be an asshole.

I hope these assholes realize that restaurant managers pay waiters less than minimum wage and expect them to make up the difference in tips.

Not paying a waiter a tip is essentially like them paying to serve you.

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    it’s silly to frame it as “and so it begins.” what does that mean, you EXPECT that anyone supporting Trayvon is like...
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    Do black people even eat at Sonny’s?
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    someone on Reddit did fess up to it. It’s fake
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    pretty sure someone on reddit fessed up to it
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    i find it hard to believe that trayvon supporters are the ones doing this. in all likelihood, it’s probably just a bunch...
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    reblogging for commentary. the whole thing was a hoax posted to reddit. because, you know, reddit.
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