My boyfriend is going to have to sleep on the floor soon. 
I woke up twice last night. Once when we were spooning and he elbowed me in the TIT. So I was a bit like

Then I woke up a couple of hours later to… Wait for it… WAIT. FOR. IT. I woke up again when he wAS PINCHING MY FUCKING FACE.


Like legit, school girl pinching my. fucking. face. In his sleep. Do you know how confusing that is to wake up to?

Where do we go from here… Do I put him down? Spray him with a water bottle?

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: I swear chivalry and being a gentleman is non existent these days... ]



I swear chivalry and being a gentleman is non existent these days because women have killed it.

I was at a train station the other day and this young woman was struggling with her suitcase up the stairs, and by struggling, I mean really struggling. So I asked her if she would like me to carry it…

Yo. Next time, don’t get all pissy when a girl doesn’t want your help. This is why “nice guys” are the worst. The minute their “nice guy” role doesn’t go the way they want, they drop it, barge away (instead of just calmly walking away), and write a rant about how women killed chivalry. If you were truly chivalrous, you’d accept her preference to struggle on her own, no matter how strange or contrary to common sense that may seem to you. You wouldn’t make a big deal of it. 

So she didn’t want your help. Maybe she’s had experiences that make her wary of men like you. It’s not your business to know. It’s also not your business to be offended when help is turned down. Help is free, help is unasked for, so when it’s not taken, it’s not okay to have a little women-hating hissy fit. 

I don’t think it’s because he was being a ‘nice guy’. It was because some fucking asshole was taking up and entire stairway at the train station, holding everyone up and not accepting any help. ‘Help is free, help is unasked for, so when it’s not taken, it’s not okay to have a little women-hating hissy fit.’ Manners are ALSO free and unasked for and this fucking bitch had non. She also made him look like a proper dick in front of people because they thought he’d asked her something offensive from the way she reacted. 

I’m fucking sorry but if you’re scared of the world and have emotional issues that’s your own problem. Don’t make someone else look like a creep just because you have your own issues surrounding men. Not all men want to fuck you. That being my boyfriend that asked that woman for help. Having been with him for the last 4 years. I can tell you. HE DIDN’T WANT TO FUCK HER. He just wanted to get to his train.
Yes BY ALL MEANS… Struggle on ladies with your lives, luggage, what ever it is you choose to haul ass with, with no help from anyone. But don’t do it taking up an entire stairway and making people late for things. And don’t act like some fucking victim when someone politely asks if you need help : Do you need any help? Translation - Because you’re making me fucking late and i’m tempted to kick you down the stairs.  

It’s happened to me before. Have you ever encountered slow walkers on the pavement? With no way of getting around them? HOW IRRITATING IS THAT?!
Now imagine being late and if you asked one of them kindly to step to one side and they reacted with HORROR and acted as if you’d asked to fuck them and continued to walk like a dick. In front of all the other people walking behind you (now looking at you as if you’re a pervert). You’d be fucked off and barge past them to. 
It’s in no way about being an independent woman. It was about being a rude bitch and how that kind of situation can kind of make you lose faith in humanity. Has everything come SO far that now men can’t even ask women if they need any help? Isn’t feminism about being comfortable enough to ask for help KNOWING it doesn’t belittle her as a woman? There’s feminism and then theres trying to dominate the male gender. Not all men are rapists. Not all men want to fuck you. Some just want to get to their fucking train. 

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