So fucking sick of people on Tumblr at the moment ‘My struggle is worse than your stuggle’ and there are blogs DEDICATED to that particular struggle where people can bitch and moan about it. I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for that fact they HATE everyone else ‘This person has not experienced [insert x,y,z struggle] so therefore they are a dickhead oppressor’. I get venting your problems, but to have the mentality of ‘I want the world to be filled with people only like me’ is fucking dumb as shit and you need to stop. 

They behave like they are the most liberal, understanding, forward thinking people ever, but they are so hostile and rude and close minded. ARRGGHH.  
It seems like we’re breeding some sort of victim culture at the moment and it’s really irritating. Some people have genuine issues and some people look for sympathy off those issues. There’s a difference. 

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LOL Tumblr can be so rediculous sometimes. I love you guys but fuck…

People on Tumblr are getting so emotional about the fact that one day One Direction could break up - I’m sure losing a parent or not living your life to the fullest before you die is ‘lyk totes teh worst ting in the worldzzzzz’.
One Direction are still together so you get to live to be retarded another day. Go be lame somewhere else.

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